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How to Fix AirDrop Not Working on Mac iOS 11 MacBook Pro or iMac?

Apple AirDrop is one of the most useful application facilitates to share or transfer photos, music, and other data files directly across the devices compatible with Mac OS and iOS. You can share or exchange large amount of data and files between all the Apple Mac and iOS devices.

However, sometimes AirDrop not working on Mac devices not allowing you to share data using this application. The reason could be anything from few misconfigurations of settings to a minor bug causing this issue. But before you indulge in a critical online troubleshooting process just check few settings and enable the necessary functions discussed below.

Check Your Mac Version and Update

This is one of the most common reason AirDrop stop working. So, make sure your Mac computer is running on updated Mac OS, if it is outdated update it now. AirDrop not working iOS 11 as two devices pairing to share the data through AirDrop running on different OS versions will not connect with each other due to version incompatibility issues.

Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

AirDrop works over the wireless network established with the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network and anyone of these not enabled will not allow AirDrop to connect and share files to any other device. If Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is ON but not working or having a connection problem will also not allow AirDrop to work properly on your Mac computer or other Apple device.

Check the Firewall Setting on Mac

Firewall settings also affect such applications to work properly. Make sure you turned off "Block all incoming communications" in Firewall on your Mac. To change the Firewall settings go to Apple Menu on your Mac and select the preferences and then click security & privacy to choose Firewall and then click on firewall options to find uncheck the box next to the block all types of incoming communication option on your device.

Check AirDrop Sharing Status

If AirDrop application settings is not configured recommended it will create such problems. Check the AirDrop sharing status, if you have selected “Contacts only”, you can get files shared only from those who are in your contacts, so change it to “Everyone” which will allow anyone nearby your device using AirDrop to connect and share files wirelessly.

Check the Distance and Connectivity

There is a limited range of connecting Apple Mac devices through AirDrop and going beyond that weaken the connection not allowing AirDrop to send files. It is based on Bluetooth technology, so the most ideal distance to connect AirDrop uninterruptedly is 30ft. While sharing or transferring the files bringing the device closer as electronic devices run with electromagnetic fields that can face interference, hence reduce this distance to something much lesser.

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Check and Turn-off DND Mode  

AirDrop will not work if you have enabled the Do Not Disturb Mode on your Mac. Hence, check the status and disable or turn-off the DND mode which you can do by clicking notification icon located at the top right corner of your computer screen. If AirDrop not working on MacBook Pro check all the settings and configuration discussed above as all the Mac devices running on Mac OS and Sierra version have similar user-interface can face the same situations.

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AirDrop Not Working Dial Apple Support Number Toll-free - 1-888-488-2930

The right settings and configurations are important factors to use AirDrop uninterruptedly. However, despite all these efforts if still AirDrop not working on iMac or any other Apple device you need help of an expert who can diagnosis the actual problem and fix the same properly. Calling at Apple Mac customer support number will connect you directly with mac technician who will ask for the remote access and solve your problem safely.

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