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How to Backup and Restore Using Time Machine?

Time machine software helps you to keep a copy of all files into any other external hard drive, so that you can retrieve later as per your ease. To make best use of time machine backup or how to restore the files your Mac device find here the right guidance discussed below.

How to Setup Time Machine?

Set Up mac Time Machine

It is an inbuilt application on Mac and to use it you need an external drive to copy the or move the backup files.

Step1: Connect thunderbolt on your Mac and also connect your Mac with external hard drive.

Step2: Make sure time is capsule or MacOS Server on your network.

Step3: and make sure external drive connected with USB port or otherwise connect.

Step4: Here you might be asked to use the drive to back up with Time Machine.

Step5: Click “Use as Backup Disk” and if you select the option to encrypt then backup will be accessible only to the end users having password.

How to Backup Up Using Time Machine?

How to Backup Up Using Time Machine

When you successfully set up Time Machine backup automatically keeps the backups for the data updated in last 24 hours. Backups can be taken by past month, monthly backups and weekly backups and at the same time older backups are deleted when your drive is full. To backup using time machines follow the steps given below.

Step1: Choose the backup now instead of waiting for the next automatic backup.

Step2: If automatic backup is enabled and running go open Time Machine preferences, then either turn off time machine in OS X El Capitan or lower version or deselect back Up automatically in macOS Sierra.

Step3: To cancel the backup in process skip the backup from time machine.

Step4: To check the time machine backup, use the time machine menu. The icon showing the process till next backup starts and if any error appears call at Mac support phone number that will help you to connect remotely with technicians and get right solution wirelessly.

Step5: If you want to exclude few items form your backup, go to preferences on Time Machine menu and click plus sign and select the items you want to exclude.

How to restore from a Time Machine Backup?

Just like backing up, restoring of data with time machine also can be completed by step-by-step process explained by certified technicians. Read below the right process listed for you.

Step1: Select the right Time Machine from menu click on time machine in the dock.

Step2: Here you can use the timeline on your computer screen to see the files updating on your Time Machine backup, the time and date.

Step3: To navigate up and down use onscreen arrows to jump the last time the content of the window has been changed. Instead use the search field in a window to find a file, you can also move through time while focusing on changes to that file.

Step4: Here click on file and select space bar to see the preview the file but make sure it the same file you are looking for.

This is all the right procedure for backing up or restoring the data using Apple time machine backup hard drive for Mac. If you need any help call at Mac tech support for online assistance to get quick help for troubleshooting such issues remotely.

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