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How to Calibrate Your Mac Computer Screen?

Apple Mac computer screens comes with pre-adjusted resolution, contrast, brightness and other display settings. However, if you find this factory setting combination not suitable, you can calibrate the monitor and adjust the color tone as per your preferences.

Actually, Mac OS X has calibrating tool to adjust this settings and you need to follow a right settings. If you don’t know how to calibrate monitor Mac OS X then follow the steps listed below with right instructions to attune your Mac computer screen safely.

Calibrate Your Mac Computer Screen

Step1: Here first open the system preferences and then click the cursor on displays to enter into a step further helping you calibrate MacBook display. 

Step2: Now you can find here calibrate button located right side below open and delete profile. Just click that calibrate button on the color tab.

Step3: Now click continue button to start the display calibrator where you can adjust the display settings.

  • Here you can adjust contact at high point
  • Also adjust the monitor’s brightness
  • Use menu button on your monitor to adjust
  • Set the tint for display and at white point
  • Apple recommends set at the native white point
  • Don’t make this setting default for other users

Apart from this you can also adjust displays gamma and luminance to minimize the effect of harmful radiations of screen on your eyes.

Once you calibrated your setting a profile name it will be set as the default monitor settings. However if you have more than one monitor, then first adjust a monitor and try to match the second one closely with previous one.

Here display calibration can help you to customize the monitor apart from Apple calibration tool. If you need more accurate colors you have to buy a paid tool that will help you to get more precise looking images with better picture quality. And if you need online help you can call at Apple mac support phone number to get more tips or solve the related issues by experts.

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