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How to Connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi Network?

Apple TV is a powerful device can be connected to internet easily using Ethernet cable through modem or router. But users can have Apple TV in different room than the router or modem located in this scenario user has to use Wi-Fi connectivity make sure the Wi-Fi signals are strong enough to connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi.

With Apple TV you can enjoy the unlimited entertainment at your home or any other place. But before you connect your Apple TV to wireless network, you need install and setup the device configured in the right manner. To take installation and setup instructions you can read our blog How to Install and Setup Apple TV 4th Generation through a Wi-Fi network and get access of internet based online contents to enjoy movies, videos and TV shows at one place. Right here you can get useful steps if you are unable to connect apple TV to Wi-Fi.

Connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi

Steps to Connect Apple TV to Wireless Network:

Step1: Check all the devices are on and in range.

Step2: Make sure you internet is working and signal of Wi-Fi is strong enough to get connected to the Apple TV.

Step3: Check that The Apple TV is neither under the Wi-Fi device nor too far away.

Step4: Open settings in your Apple TV.

Step5: For 4th gen select network and for 3rd gen open general and then select network.

Step6: Choose the Compatible device you want to connect.

Step7: Now, enter the password or you can use push (connect) button located at the back of the device.

Step8: Restart all other devices like router and modem.

Step9: Restart apple TV by clicking settings then restart for 4th gen and settings then general then restart.

Step10: If Not able to connect through Wi-Fi use an Ethernet cable for internet connection and check for updates for apple TV. Settings then open system then select software updates for 4th gen and settings then open general then update software for 2nd and 3rd gen.

Call Apple TV Support Number 1-888-488-2930 to Connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi

If after following all the methods given in blog above Wi-Fi is not getting connected to Apple TV you can contact an expert. To get connected with Apple TV professionals you can contact Apple support and to get online help to fix Apple TV problem. Best team of certified technical professionals is working here to fix the Apple TV connection problems with Wi-Fi with right solution.


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