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How to Downgrade From macOS High Sierra to macOS Sierra?

Downgrading macOS high sierra to macOS sierra is the simplest task and can be performed by following steps to downgrade Mac. If you are using time machine and created back up time to time it is such an easy task to perform operation. Reboot your Mac in recovery mode and select options for the version by entering in disk utilities.

You can also read our last blog explaining the use of time machine in Mac read here How to Backup and Restore Using Time Machine. And this blog is here to explain macOS downgrade from high sierra to sierra follow steps mentioned below to downgrade by performing step by step instruction. This process may erase all the data from the disk make sure you have created backup for the data.

Downgrade From macOS High Sierra to macOS Sierra

Steps to Downgrade from macOS High Sierra To Sierra without Losing Data:


Step1: Open official site for Mac OS and select the correct version you want to install.

Step2: After download it will show you a warning the program you want to run is older than expected.

Step3: Create the backup of your Mac and store it away from the drive in the computer.

Step4: Plug in usb and rename it as sierra and type sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/create install media—volume /Volumes/Sierra in command prompt and press enter.

Step5: It will ask you to erase the data press “Y” to confirm and after completing eject USB.


Step1: Reboot your Mac and press command + R.

Step2:Open disk utility and select the startup disk named as Macintosh HD and start erasing the drive.

Step3: Now create partition and press enter to reboot.

Step4: Now disk is visible on reboot select the USB drive named sierra and start installing or visit for Mac OS sierra support.

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If after step by step following all the methods given above in blog macOS is not downgraded from high sierra to sierra on Mac you can call an expert. To get connected with Mac professionals you can call now Mac customer support number and get online help to fix the Mac OS X downgrading problem. Best team of certified tech professionals is working here to fix the Apple Mac computers issues with right solution.

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