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How to Fix Error Code 36 in Apple Mac OS X Finder?

The Error Code 36 is an error code in Apple Mac especially with 10.6 version of Mac OSX snow Leopard. It is a wide spread problem occur when copying directories from windows formatted drives in the finder. User can copy single file at a time without facing any kind of error but when user try to copy complete folder error code 36 occurs. You can format the drive with Fat formats but now it will work on Ms-dos or in Mac only and left files will have the same error. If Finder is not responding on your Mac you can read our blog How to Fix Finder Not Responding Issue on Mac but right now to fix this error code follow the steps given below.
fix error code 36 mac

To Fix Error Code 36 Mac OS X 10.6 Follow steps listed below.

First Method:

Step1: Create new Folder in Finder in Ms-dos.

Step2: Copy file into that folder.

Step3: Copy entire folder on Mac Desktop.

Step4: Copy the folder from Mac desktop to drive (Ms-dos).

You get an error code 36 on Mac, this is due to file hidden in drive and starts with “_” followed by filename. It strips the main file with unnecessary “_” or dot “.” in filename. To resolve MacBook finder error code 36 users will follow steps you will not lose any important data.

Second Method:

Step1: Open launch terminal in Mac.

Step2: Open Applications then utilities.

Step3: Type following command with space at the end press enter/return.


Step4: Open the folder creating trouble and drag it to the terminal opened up after entering command. Cursor appears to be green with + sign.

Step5:  The path of the folder automatically renamed to:

dot_clean /Users/Username/Desktop/Test Folder

Step6: Press enter/return. Repeat the process for every folder you are facing the same problem.

This is not a major issue or files are not corrupted, in last update this bug is fixed. If you still facing the problem after following the above steps,  contact technical support to fix error code 36 Mac our team of certified technicians will help you with instant online support for Mac OS X finder not working. To solve error code 36 on Mac our technicians can take remote sessions to resolve the error and do their job with complete safety and privacy.

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