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How to Fix Finder Not Responding Issue on Mac?

Mac finder is a very useful application for navigating files, folders, documents, media contents and other programs stored into your Mac computer. Mac finder is an application but sometimes it not responded or not works properly making difficult to find the data on your system.

Finder not working on Mac is one of the most common problems among the users and that can happen with any version of Mac OS including on OS X Yosemite, El Capitan, or with macOS Sierra. However, dealing with such issues are not a default task when you have expert like us, just read below the best troubleshooting process to fix Mac finder not working error.

Fix Finder Not Responding Issue on Mac

Low Space in Mac Hard Drive

Yes, this a key cause when such applications suddenly stop working or not respond at the time of use. In fact, if your Mac hard drive is running with low memory you will face such issues. To run the Mac finder properly you need at least one-fifth of the total memory space, otherwise your computer will show performance issue or Mac finder will not work properly.

Hence, make some space available to hard disk and to check the memory space go to logo of Apple open about this Mac and then click storage tab, where you will get the exact view of memory used and how much space is available and the whole consumed memory is displayed with colored boxes with amount of storage consumed by apps, programs, photos and folders.

Corrupted Finder Preference File

If the preferences files, that’s directly associated with the Finder app is corrupted or broken, the Mac finder will not work properly or not responded. But you can fix this issue by removing the finder preferences on your Mac system. To remove that, search “~/Library/Preferences/” in Spotlight bar and enter Return to open the Preferences folder.

Now in the new window, locate this file called “com.apple.finder.plist”, right click and select “Move to Trash”, then close the folder and restart your Mac machine to enjoy the effect. If you need help call for Mac finder support to get online assistance at your desk.

Problem thanks to Spotlight Indexing Files

This issue comes when your Mac is updated to latest MacOS Sierra or at the time of transferring the files from any external drive to your Mac. Actually, every time when you use Mac Finder Spotlight needs to index all the files for you to search, though this process can take time but during this procedure your Mac might slow down resulting Mac finder not respond.

Thus, you need to check whether, Spotlight is indexing files on a Mac or not. To do this just click the search icon on top right corner, type any file name and watch if it is indexing items on your Mac or not. If not just dial Apple Mac support phone number and ask for online assistance by expert who will remotely diagnosis the actual problem and fix the same effectively.

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