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How to fix iCloud Not Backing up on Mac?

Due to less memory space in iCloud sometimes you may not be able to backup Mac then read How to free up space on Apple iCloud storage. But if iCloud is not able to create backup of your Mac you can execute steps mentioned in blog with step by step guidance.

Creating backup for your system is most important task to be done to save your data if your hard disk is crashed or having some technical issues. Online storage is the best option to backup your data as in system crash or hardware failure you can access data from new device after logging in to your account.

iCloud Not Backing up

Steps to Fix iCloud Not Backing Up on Mac:


Step1: Press apple menu and select system preferences.

Step2: Now select iCloud and click on signout button with in preferences.

Step3: Reset or refresh iCloud app.

Step4: Check for updates and install latest update of iCloud.


Step1: Repeat step1 of method1.

Step2: Click on iCloud option and next to it press signin button.

Step3: Enter credentials and press log in or ok button to log in.


Step1: Open apple menu and navigate to select system preferences.

Step2: Select settings option and click on iCloud option.

Step3: Tap on backup button and toggle iCloud to on.


Step1: Open your iCloud account and click on settings.

Step2: Put the pointer on the bar showing storage space available.

Step3: Check the size of Backup file to be saved if it is greater than the size available in iCloud you need to buy the size.

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If Issues found using iCloud is not getting resolved after following guidance in the blog and need help can contact iCloud support. You can make a direct call +1-888-488-2930 to iCloud support phone number to get in touch with certified technical experts.

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