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How to Downgrade From macOS High Sierra to macOS Sierra?

Downgrading macOS high sierra to macOS sierra is the simplest task and can be performed by following steps to downgrade Mac. If you are using time machine and created back up time to time it is such an easy task to perform operation. Reboot your Mac in recovery mode and select options for the version by entering in disk utilities. Read More


How to Connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi Network?

Apple TV is a powerful device can be connected to internet easily using Ethernet cable through modem or router. But users can have Apple TV in different room than the router or modem located in this scenario user has to use Wi-Fi connectivity make sure the Wi-Fi signals are strong enough to connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi. Read More


How to Fix iCloud Error 2343 Windows 10?

Generally this error code appears when we try to remove or uninstall iCloud in windows 10, this is Mac software and due to some compatibility issue you are not able to uninstall. This error can also be due to removing INI file entries before initiating removal or install the iCloud may suggest you to repair some files but the resolution will not take place and you face an error code 2343. Read More


How to Fix Apple iTunes Error Code 45054 on Mac?

ITunes is a place of entertainment for basically Apple users where they can watch move, listen to music, and many more. This can be a cause due to outdated iTunes, corrupted system files, disk permissions or it can be internet issue. Now day user can use iTunes on any of the devices on windows on androids etc. Read More


How to Use Airplay to Apple TV from MacBook Air?

Airplay one of the best and popular features in Apple TV and allows easily iOS devices to listen music and watch TV with friends and family. We will show you how to setup a device using Airplay to Apple TV from MacBook air.

Read More


How to Fix Error Code 36 in Apple Mac OS X Finder?

The Error Code 36 is an error code in Apple Mac especially with 10.6 version of Mac OSX snow Leopard. It is a wide spread problem occur when copying directories from windows formatted drives in the finder. User can copy single file at a time without facing any kind of error but when user try to copy complete folder error code 36 occurs. Read More


How to Install and Setup Apple TV 4th Generation?

Apple TV setup and installation involves several crucial steps to set up the Apple TV with monitor and watch media contents in high quality. The setup and installation process is not easy, especially if you have not Apple device or you are using other manufacturer’s devices. So, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions give below to setup and install the Apple TV 4th generation at your home or offices. Read More


How to Fix Apple Mac Error Code 43?

Error code 43 is very common among the Mac users occur mainly when file is not found into a storage device. Actually, this error code represents that, when time machine cannot locate the Time Machine drive that mainly because of Time Machine preferences files get corrupted or the configuration of hardware has been changed with device label. Read More


How to Fix Apple Mac Update Error Code 102?

Apple Mac error code 102 usually appears while you update your Mac device with various services. Though, Apple update error code 102 can come due to many causes like while you try to update Apple store, incomplete installation, firewall issues, file or software corruption, and Mac hard drive or owing to malicious files installed on your computer system. Read More


How to Fix Issue iTunes Displaying Wrong Album Art?

iTunes is used by Mac OS X users for online storage of data like calendar, contacts, photos music files, TV Shows, movies etc and you can also share these files among Apple devices like MacBook, iPhone and iPad etc. In case, if you encounter any problem then reach to the iTunes technical support to grab the online assistance. Read More

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